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Grande Mayumba is a pioneering model for sustainable, principled green growth in the Congo Basin.

Climate change is not only deepening the devastation caused by extreme weather events, it’s making life more unpredictable. Regions lacking climate-resilient infrastructure are often the hardest hit, reversing development gains where they’re needed most urgently.

Successfully implementing the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change could be the single most powerful driver for the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It’s not enough though. For development to be sustainable, economic growth must be transformative and inclusive.

The Congo Basin – the world’s second largest tropical forest, spanning six countries in Central Africa – is the most important global carbon sink after the Amazon. Balancing the urgent need for economic diversification in the region to reduce dependency on oil revenues and enable people to lead dignified lives, with the need to protect the pristine natural environment and world class biodiversity has global implications.

Gabon has demonstrated real leadership in thinking through new models for sustainable green growth, anchored in the unique realities of the Congo Basin. A powerful voice in the global climate change arena, the country’s Gabon Emergent strategy advocates a progressive approach to economic diversification, transforming natural resources carefully and deliberately to create value today and preserve value for future generations.



SFM Africa holds the rights to consolidate and sustainably develop a forest land area of 732,000 hectares and a marine area of 260,900 hectares in Nyanga Province in southern Gabon.

We have designed a sustainable, integrated land use plan that allocates rights optimally for the whole ecosystem and ensures their effective implementation.

We believe that conservation-led development is the way to optimise Gabon’s world class natural resources, creating opportunities for the current generation without compromising the needs and rights of future generations.

Grande Mayumba will put Gabon at the forefront of global conservation-led, climate-smart development

201,000 hectares

Conservation arc covering coastal, estuarine, mountain and savannah ecosystems, equivalent to a third of the total project area.

213,000 ha

Sustainable forestry

200,000 ha

Agricultural land encompassing savannahs and degraded forests

63,000 ha

Co-managed community forests and agricultural land

14,000 ha

Urban, municipal and infrastructure development

The Approach

Grande Mayumba takes a holistic, integrated approach to economic, community, environmental and conservation rights to optimise land use and deliver sustainable, conservation-led development.

Land use optimisation

Sustainable Development Plan

Sustainable Development Credits

Natural capital approach

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The Project

Grande Mayumba will deliver new port, road and municipal infrastructure and establish new forestry, agriculture, agroforestry and fisheries businesses in the region.

We are also introducing world class conservation tourism to Gabon, in partnership with ANPN (the national parks authority).

In some areas, the unique biodiversity and the priceless value of ecosystems services delivered meant we couldn’t justify any commercialisation of the land. We have consequently set aside a third of the total area as a conservation arc, covering coastal, estuarine, mountain and savannah ecosystems. This ensures irreplaceable wilderness areas are protected and community rights are respected.

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The Team

We are a team of specialists with a diverse set of skills and a wealth of practical experience at the forefront of climate-smart, sustainable development in Africa.

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